Freedom From Bullying

Freedom From Bullying is Irving ISD's district wide Bullying Awareness and Bully Prevention program.  The curriculum focuses on creating and continuing a more amicable atmosphere.  Lessons are taught by our School Counselors throughout the school year in October, November, January and May.

The lessons unfold as follows:

  • Lesson 1:  What is Bullying, Really?

  • Lessons 2 and 3:  Changing From a Bystander to an Alongside Stander

  • Lessons 4 and 5: Hope and Help for Targets

The high school curriculum includes a Protectors section.  This part of the program invites students to form a Freedom Council whose mission will be to help change the culture of the school to a more kind, caring and friendlier way of life.

Once the high schools have established and educated their Freedom Councils these students will visit with the middle schools to help them create their own Freedom Councils.  This will happen in the spring and into the fall.

If parents have a concern about their child being bullied they should follow the steps below:

Who should parents contact?

  • Contact your child’s teacher

  • Then the school counselor

  • Then the school administrator

Each campus provides school counseling for the victim/target and for the bully/aggressor.  The bully will receive appropriate consequences, but both parties need support and guidance. Counselors also meet with parents to discuss ways to help their children.


Reporting Safety Concerns

Easily report concerns about your classmates or school safety with Speak Up. Easily report:

  • Bullying
  • Planned fights
  • Students in crisis
  • Threats of violence
  • Weapons in school
  • Other urgent situations

To submit a report, email, or text or call 469-923-3002.