Ms. Kerrie Tarver, Assistant Principal

Kerrie Tarver, Assistant Principal    

 Kerrie Tarver is the Assistant Principal at Austin Middle School who’s always had a passion for teaching and shaping young minds. She developed her love for teaching at a very young age as an Irving ISD student at Nimitz High School graduate. Ms. Tarver taught 8th grade Science, where she shaped young minds to thrive in the STEM field. After three years of teaching Science, soon Ms. Tarver decided to spread her talents in leadership roles over time as a curriculum writer, interventionist, academic specialist, and currently as the Dean of Students. Ms. Tarver’s educational philosophy is by Benjamin Franklin; “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. She’s a believer of making learning fun and engaging for all students. Ms. Tarver enjoys giving back to the same community that has shaped her into the educator she is today! Being the first in her family to receive her Master’s Degree, her dream is to encourage students how education is the key to success in life.