School Mission and Vision

School Mission

Pierce Early Childhood School exists to support each child’s   academic, social, emotional and ethical development for lifelong success. #EveryPandaEveryDay

School Vision

To equip students for lifelong success, we envision a school in which staff:

  1. Pursue continuous professional growth through collaboration and professional development

  2. Continually assess, monitor feedback and reflect on student data to ensure progress for all students

  3. Provide engaging learning experiences

  4. Build the student's foundation at their personal level of need, based on differentiation and awareness

Collective Commitments

To Achieve the shared vision of our school, Pierce Early Childhood staff have made the following commitments:

  1. We will provide a consistent environment that recognizes and accepts the students’ academic, social emotional, and cultural needs.

  2. We will commit to creating a positive culture that fosters relationships among all stakeholders.

  3. Within our Teams, we will support each other with honesty, an open mind, and a positive mindset.

  4. We will model positive attitudes, values and ethics.

  5. We will learn and understand our students’ backgrounds and treat them as individuals.

  6. We will commit to embrace change with a focus on what we can control.


Schoolwide Instructional Focus

At Pierce Early Childhood, we will support all students in developing emergent literacy skills.