General Information

  • Lively  


    1800 Plymouth Drive, W

    Irving TX  75061



    Vision Statement


    Lively teachers will foster the use of 21st century skills to inspire life long learners who will become positive contributors to society. 


    Mission Statement

    The mission of M.C. Lively Elementary, a family of diverse learners at the cornerstone of tradition and innovation, is to ensure personal and academic success through relevant educational experiences distinguished by:


    Building and maintaining strong relationships with the community

    Cultivating leaders at all levels

    Fostering the belief that each person has value

    Embracing the future


    Core Beliefs


    We believe that every teacher inspires life-long learners through hands-on, critical thinking, and real world experiences.

    We believe in building a firm foundation of the basics so students can become producers of learning. 

    We believe that giving students opportunities to explore their interest and passion keeps engagement high. 

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History of Lively Elementary School

  • In the late 1880's, William Smith, a former school teacher from Pennsylvania, became concerned about an education for his children and other children in the area.  Through the efforts of Mr. Smith, Lee Britain donated one acre of land for a school. A one-room building was erected in 1890 with one teacher instructing students in eight grades.  Mark Callister Lively was the first teacher, hence the name Lively School. The school was eventually called "The White Building."


    On April 23, 1909, the Irving Independent School District was created through a bill presented by State Representative E. C. Lively. Lively School and Kit School were merged.


    Plymouth Park Elementary School opened in 1954 at 1800 Plymouth Drive. The name was changed to M. C. Lively in 1968 in honor of Mr. Lively, who was also the owner of the Irving cotton gin and an uncle of E. C. Lively.

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