• Canvas + iPad Troubleshooting

    iPad Troubleshooting

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  • Optimize Your iPad for Canvas

    If you're having technical difficulties with your iPad and can't access assignment within Canvas, try these steps.

    If you see the "cookies disabled" message like this, first make sure you're not using incognito mode. If you're not using that mode, go to your iPad settings and allow cookies and cross-site tracking.

     Cookies disabled


    Start by checking your Safari settings

    1. Go to your iPad settings

    2. Find Safari on the left side

    3. Make the "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" and "Block All Cookies" buttons gray

    4. Your settings should look like this:

    safari cookie settings


    Next, check your Chrome settings

    1. Go to your iPad settings

    2. Find Chrome on the left side

    3. Make the "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" buttons green

    4. Set your Default Browser App to Chrome

    5. Your settings should look like this:

    Chrome cookie settings


    Finally, make sure you've registered Google Drive to your Canvas account.

    1. Go to Canvas (make sure you're using CHROME for this, not the app; access Canvas at www.learn.irvingisd.net)

    2. Click on your account icon in the top left corner

    3. Click on Settings

    4. Ensure that "Google Drive" shows up on the Registered Services side. If it's on the right side under "Other Services," just tap it and sign in.

    5. Your screen should look like this:

    registered services


    If you're still having difficulty, reach out using this Google Form found in every teacher's Canvas course. Note: this form is only accessible to users who are signed in with their IISD Google account


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