General Information

  • Brown Elementary School  

    2501 W. Tenth
    Irving, TX 75060
    Phone: (972) 600-4000
    Fax: (972) 513-4099

    Mission Statement:

    The mission of Otis Brown Elementary School is to foster holistic student development and academic success for all students every day through caring teachers meeting student needs.


    To provide opportunities to build hope, engagement, and academic readiness in all students.

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History of Brown Elementary School

  • Otis Brown Elementary Otis Brown Elementary opened in September, 1955.  It was called Southwest Ward Elementary when it opened.  All the elementary schools had similar directional names at the time.  In 1958, the IISD renamed the elementary schools after notable Irvingites.  Otis Brown Elementary is named after one of the city of Irving's co-founders.  Otis Brown and J.O. Schulze founded the town of Irving in 1903.

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  • Mr. Otis Brown

    First Mayor of Irving

    Otis Brown came to this area from Ohio as a member of a railroad survey crew in 1902.  When they finished their working the area, he and J.O. Schulze remained behind and founded the city.  Both men found the land to be excellent for farming, and they liked the wide variety of trees found in the area. Brown and Schulze decided to purchase 80.21 acres of the land they surveyed which became the town site for Irving.

    Along with being one of the founders of Irving. Mr. Brown was also the first mayor of the city and prominent businessman who sold property, built houses, ran a dairy, raised German shepherds, and owned a golf course.

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  • Mr Brown and wife Netta in 1903 Otis and Netta Brown in 1903    

    Otis Brown married Netta Barcus of Dallas in 1903.  They had five sons, the youngest one, Lynn was also mayor of Irving (1959-1967).  He lived in Irving from the time he founded the town until both he and Netta (his wife) died in 1958.

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