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    Irving High School would like to introduce its newest member of their media communications outlets, KIFR, AM radio 1690.


    KIFR is a low frequency radio station on the radio dial, but is a strong signal to the Internet radio community, worldwide.In the talk-education category, programming will include campus activities, airing of pre-recorded events, and information about the school: daily news and sports announcements from KIRV (TV outlet), weather, talk

    shows, and musical talent from the school.


    KIFR is operated by Irving High’s broadcasting program in partnership, the Air Radio Network and the Air Power Foundation. The station supports programming that informs and inspires its audience and supports our U.S. troops, such as military events, veteran interviews, interviews with Irving High graduates serving in the armed forces, VIP events, and more.


    KIFR is seeking sponsors willing to purchase ads. The price is $1.00/15-seconds air time. Please contact Sgt. Major Martin, Lt. col. Fears or Lisa Lobb for more information.


    Irving High School: 972-600-6300;;

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