Guidance & Counseling Services

  • The Irving ISD guidance and counseling program is implemented in PreK-12 according to the Texas Model and ASCA National Model. The four components of our program include:

    1. Guidance curriculum which is a proactive measure used to help students identify their strengths and interests, overcome educational barriers, make healthy choices, and develop their full potential.

    2. Responsive services designed to remove barriers to learning and intervene on behalf of students in need of immediate assistance. 

    3. Individual planning that guides student education plans, career pathways, and college-career choices beyond high school.

    4. System support designed to collaborate with teachers, staff, parents, and community stakeholders to promote student success.

    In addition, the Guidance and Counseling Program is outlined in Board Policy EJ (Local)

    To contact your child's counselor, please use our Counselor Directory.

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    Mission Statement

    Our mission at W. T. Hanes is to provide ample opportunities that will inspire our students to become responsible and global citizens and promote a positive climate that focuses on student academics, career, and social-emotional learning.


    Vision Statement

    Our vision at W. T. Hanes is to be a community that builds positive relationships centered on a culture of respect, student-led learning experiences that are hands-on, engaging, and purposeful, and instill social and emotional skills to equip scholars in becoming global and responsible citizens. 

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