• Lamar Orchestra is like a big family!  The friends you make and the experiences you have in orchestra will help you achieve your full potential. We have lots of orchestra events like Socials, Competitions, UIL, Performances, Solos, and our End of Year festival trip.

    We also perform really awesome music - join the fun!


    Do The Research:

    It is fact - Music makes you SMARTER! Studies have found that music students outperform academically compared to other students, often by large margins. 

    Research has also shown that students who are involved in Orchestra receive higher SAT/ACT scores, overall highest grades, and higher attendance at school.  Colleges pick students for scholarships who are involved in music, and you don't even have to major in it!

    As parents and educators, it is imperative that we value creative thinking in children.  

    Check out this link: Music Education Benefits


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