General Information

  • bowie


    600 E. Sixth

    Irving Texas 75060 

    972 600 3000 


    School Colors: Green and white
    School Mascot: Tiger Cub
    School Flower: Daisy

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  • Bowie Mission 

    The mission of Bowie Middle School, a family-focused environment uniting the school and the historic south Irving community, is to empower each student to maximize their potential, both socially and intellectually, through a system established by:

    Developing creative and critical thinkers
    Emphasizing the value of education in our community
    Igniting a desire to learn
    Building respectful relationships
    Establishing accountability for all
    Promoting exceptional character, and
    Celebrating all committed to the mission.



    Bowie Middle School is committed to educational excellence and equity for all students in a multicultural and engaged learning environment.



    Bowie Beliefs


    The dignity of each person is sacred.

    Each person is intrinsically driven to achieve his/her purpose.

    Each person has inherent value.

    Each person wants to be respected for who they are.

    Each person deserves to be treated with respect.

    Every person deserves to be safe.

    Each person is ultimately responsible for their own actions.

    All parents want their children to be successful.

    The strength of a society lies in its diversity.

    The future of our country depends on how we educate our citizens.

    Education empowers both the individual and the community.

    Relationships are essential to community.

    Leading is a matter of person, not position.

    Emotions arising from a common experience are the strongest human bond.

    Honesty begins with self.

    Attitude defines outcome.

    Responsibility accelerates achievement.


    Bowie Objectives

    Each student will actively pursue academic progress.

    Each student will demonstrate positive character traits.

    Each student will positively contribute to the school and community.


    Bowie Tactics

    We will ensure all students are engaged in meaningful lessons that promote academic progress and critical thinking.

    We will establish a system that builds character and positive behavior.

    We will ensure that all students develop and work towards self-defined goals.

    We will have clear expectations for all stakeholders.


    Bowie Parameters

    We will always subordinate personal and special interests to the best interest of the student.

    We will not allow governmental or institutional restraints to compromise learning opportunity for students or staff.

    We will expect the best of everyone and will not settle for less.

    Our goal will be to attract and retain professionals who are among the top 10% of their peers.

    We will practice participatory decision –making* throughout the system.

    Common sense will always trump policy and procedures.

    We will make optimal use of Technology throughout the district.

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History of Bowie Middle School

  • Bowie Middle School is a direct descendant of Irving Junior High. It was established in 1950 with 21 seventh and eighth grade students and Jerry M. Clark as the first Principal. It was located on Jefferson between 2nd and 3rd Street. In 1952, Irving qualified for a Federal Aid Fund totaling $473,715 by having at least 40% of its parents employed at jobs related to national defense. This money was used to build a new Junior High School at 631 Edmondson south of Irving High School and the Football Stadium. In the Fall of 1953, Irving Junior High moved to the new location on Edmondson which is now Lee Britain Elementary. With the opening of a new Junior High School at Hancock and Story in 1957 (Crockett), Irving Junior High was renamed--it became Bowie Junior High in honor of James Bowie, one of the Texas heroes at the Battle of the Alamo. Bowie Junior High was moved to its present location at 600 E. Sixth when Irving High School was moved to its present location on O'Connor Road.


    On Saturday, December 2, 1972, the two-story eighth grade wing of Bowie Junior High was destroyed by fire. The following Monday all seventh grade students, teachers and staff were relocated to Lamar Junior High where they remained until the fall of 1973 when they were returned to Bowie. A newly rebuilt and remodeled Bowie was dedicated on April 1, 1975. Kenneth Tillman was the Principal during this time. Sixth grade students were added in the Fall of 1975.


    Former Principals at Bowie have been Jerry M. Clark, R. O. Bruce, Norman Hughes, Arthur Casey, Homer Tompkins, Tom Chandler, Kenneth Tillman, James Puryear, Joe Moreno, Rocci Malone and Jessica Rose.



    The above information was taken from old PTA scrapbooks stored at Bowie. The following note was taken from the scrapbook of 1985-86:
    "The Texas Legislature created the Irving Independent School District in 1905. This combined the Lively and Kit schools of about 125 pupils. The first Irving school building had two rooms and was built on property donated by the founders of the town. The school was located at 2nd and Jefferson and has since been torn down and the property sold."

    This would have been the site where Irving Junior High School--or Bowie Junior High School as it was later renamed--was established


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