Immunization/Vaccine Requirements

  • Texas law requires that all children entering public or private schools and institutions of higher learning be immunized.

    Validation of immunization records by a physician or public health clinic will be required for entering school. Any new enrollees who have not completed all immunizations at the time of enrollment must complete them as soon as medically feasible. Any document signed by a physician or the public health clinic listing each immunization and the month, day, and year in which it was given will be accepted.

    Immunization Requirements 2021-2022

    Recommended vaccines: 

    • Meningitis B
    • HPV
    • annual flu vaccine
    • Meningitis (MCV4) vaccine booster dose for college entry
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  • Exemption from Immunization Requirements

    Chapter §97.62 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) describes the conditions under which individuals can seek exemptions from Texas immunization requirements. Exclusions from compliance are allowable on an individual basis for medical contraindications, reasons of conscience, including a religious belief, and active duty with the armed forces of the United States.  For more information on Texas law, access:

    Conscientious Exemption:  A student may not be enrolled in school until the original, notarized affidavit is presented to the school nurse.  Request the forms as early as possible to allow time for them to be mailed to you and completed before school starts.  The school can not accept copies of the form; therefore, be sure to request as many original forms as you need to provide to daycares, camps, or any outside activities. To request the required Affidavit from the Department of State Health Services in Austin, Texas, please access the link below and contact the state department for any questions.

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  • Where to receive vaccines:

    Irving Branch Immunization Clinic
    440 S. Nursery Rd. in Irving
    8:00am-4:00pm Mon - Fri
    Serve Children 18yrs and younger
    Cost: $10 first visit, $5 subsequent visits

    Other options for immunizations in Irving: Immunizations in Irving

    *Call location for verification of vaccine, no insurance cost, insurance cost, and age restrictions 

    *Must bring current immunization record to any location listed

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Phone: 972-600-7108


Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees BA (Hons.) Health Studies & Applied Social Sciences

Ms. Christine Anjorin, RN

School Nurse