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    Today's children are living with childhood obesity, attention difficulties and pressures that keep them hurried and harried. Studies show that children today spend significantly less time outside than previous generations of children.


    Research shows that regular time in nature:

    1. Facilitates better social and physical development

    2. Improves fitness, motor-skills and well-being

    3. Supports creativity and imaginative play

    4. Inspires collaboration and reduces violence and bullying

    5. Reduces stress

    6. Creates feelings of empathy for nature - the first step toward developing the next generation of environmental stewards


    An Outdoor Learning Classroom supports whole-child development and learning across the curriculum including:

    - Critical thinking and problem solving

    - Science

    - Language and literacy

    - Math

    - Visual-spatial learning

    - Construction and engineering skills


    With these outstanding goals in mind, Pierce created an Outdoor Learning Classroom (OLC) planning team to begin the process of transforming an unused portion of our property into an outdoor learning environment that students will be able to use for learning for years to come!


    Changing our outdoor environment means we are encouraging children to explore the world around them. The learning opportunities are unlimited, as are the possibilities for involving the community in helping our little learners with gardening, water exploration, music, movement and performance and developing a sense of stewardship and love for nature.


    We are very excited about the possibilities of our Outdoor Learning Classroom - we believe the adventure is just beginning!

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