What is Net-Zero?

Lady Bird Johnson: The Net-Zero School

  • Imagine … if a school could be designed and constructed to produce as much energy on site as it consumes from the electric grid.   What if with water collection systems there are no water bills for site and landscaping irrigation?


    What was impossible a few years ago is very much a reality today.  Lady Bird Johnson Middle School was designed as a net-zero energy building. Through efficiency technologies and on-site power generation, the use of renewable energies allows the building to produce as much energy as it consumes from the electric grid.


    The net-zero school reinforces teaching and learning as an extended classroom.   Because of the use of efficient materials and cutting-edge renewable energy technology, the building is a three-dimensional learning space. Students learn through practical, hands-on experiences. Issues such as geothermal science, rainwater collection, solar panel usage, and wind turbine efficiency help students learn responsibility for energy conservation.

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