• Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Johnston Elementary, home of the Jaguars! Your family is now officially a member of Jaguar NATION! As members of Jaguar NATION we live by expectations which are the foundation for our success. 

    • Never give up 
    • Always do your best 
    • Treat everyone with respect 
    •  Integrity at all times 
    • Own mistakes and learn from them 
    • Now is the time for success 

    We want you and your child to be happy and successful at Johnston and believe that you, as
    parents and family, play a key role. Children achieve greater academic success, and have fewer
    problems in school when parents and family members are actively engaged in school. We welcome
    you to become active members of Jaguar NATION!

    Here are a few reminders to help with the opening of school. School begins at 7:45 each day.
    Students are tardy if they arrive after 7:45. School dismissal time is at 2:45. Please make appropriate
    arrangements to pick your child up each day at 2:45. The building will be open at 7:00 each day to
    receive students. Students will report to the gym between 7:00 and 7:30. At the 7:30 bell, students
    will report to their classrooms. I would strongly encourage you not to drop off your child(ren) before
    7:00. There is no adult supervision before 7:00 and students are not allowed inside the school before
    that time. If you drop off your child(ren) before 7:00 he/she will sit on the front porch, unsupervised.

    We will be working closely with you this year to ensure that your child experiences an
    academically challenging and enriching year in a safe and orderly learning environment. We believe
    in fair and consistent discipline that encourages students to be responsible for their choices and
    behavior. At Johnston we strive to create an environment where courtesy and kindness prevail and
    where there is respect for differences in other people, customs, and cultures.

    Please share with your child’s teacher any information regarding his or her special needs
    that will help us better serve him or her. We believe that communication among parents, students,
    and teachers is critical in assuring student success.

    Thank you for your support. If we can be of assistance, please feel free to call the school at
    (972)600-7700. Welcome to Jaguar NATION!

    Mr. Stephen Pollard