Need-Based Aid - Financial Aid

  • Financial aid is assistance based solely on need. Need is defined as the family's ability to pay versus the cost of attending a college. To determine the amount of need, a college requires your family to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students can begin completing the FAFSA application on October 1st. 

    For more information on financial aid, please see pages 17 - 19 in the College and Career Resource Handbook. Click the link below.

    College and Career Resource Handbook


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  • The Irving ISD Guidance and Counseling team is committed to helping students gain access to scholarship opportunities to cover the cost of college. Scholarships are usually based on one or more of the following criteria: high grade point average, enrollment in a specific university, plans to major in a specific field, financial need, high SAT or ACT scores, ethnic background, residence, letters of recommendation, community service, demonstrated leadership potential, special talents, athletics, music, essay writing ability and more.

    Your campus Guidance and Counseling Center are your most valuable sources for scholarship opportunities. It is wise to visit your school's website for the updated scholarship opportunities. It is important for you to be diligent in your search for all possible sources of scholarship moneys for which you may qualify.

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