Safety Measures


    Our focus on safety remains the top priority in our school district. We have a number of measures in place, including: 

    - Emergency drills to practice our response to a variety of scenarios including fire, lockout, lockdown evacuate and shelter.

    - Visitor registry requires all visitors to register with the front office before having access to the building.

    - District identification badges must be worn and prominently displayed by all district staff and students.

    - Closed circuit television comprised of more than 1,600 digital cameras in our schools to monitor activity inside and out.

    - Campus-based security officers who control access to the building and ensure that all visitors to the campus are properly processed. In addition, they patrol the interior and exterior of the building.

    - Hand-held metal detectors that secondary campus administrators use to randomly conduct searches of students.

    - Students found in possession of prohibited items will receive the appropriate discipline and consequences as outlined by local laws and in our Student Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct, which is available at contains a list of prohibited items.

    - Joy and Ralph Ellis Stadium Bag Checks: All backpacks, large purses and other bags will be inspected at the entrance to the stadium before each football game. District security officers will be looking for prohibited items such as weapons and/or alcohol, which are never allowed on district property. Small clutch purses will not be subject to bag checks. This is done to ensure the safety of all attendees to these events. 

    If something is out of the ordinary, please report the information to district officials immediately, so we can address it right away. 


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