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    Youth Suicide Statistics (Based on 2007 National Statistics)

    ·   Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 10-24 year-olds behind accidents and homicides.

    ·   Youth suicide rates have increased by more than 200% since the 1950’s.

    Youth Suicide Warning Signs

    Most young people who attempt suicide want others to know how they feel.

    Be aware of the following warning signs, offer support, and get help.

    ·   Verbal Clues

    o Indirect statements indicating a wish to die, feeling hopeless and/or helpless

    o Direct statements about suicide

    ·   Changes in Behavior

    o Signs of depression

    o Giving away prized possessions

    o Confusion, mood shifts, impatience or impulsivity

    o Reoccurring death themes in written and artistic expression

    o Taking unusual risks or having frequent accidents

    o Drop in grades

    ·   Situational Indicators

    o Loss of significant relationship

    o Family disruption and stress.

    o Difficulty communicating with parents

    o Concerns over sexual identity

    o Exposure to suicide of family member or peer

    o Unwanted pregnancy


    If your child shares with you or others that he/she is having thoughts of suicide, your child's school counselor can assist you in getting the help that your child needs. 

    When these statements occur after hours, it is important that you seek immediate assistance to keep your child safe.  We encourage you to seek immediate assistance through a local emergency room or psychiatric hospital.  Both the emergency room and psychiatric hopital can provide a free evaluation of your child's risk of suicide. They will also assist you in putting together a plan to keep your child safe.

    No appointment is needed for the following resources.  These resources will provide a free evaluation to assist you in meeting your child's immediate needs in a crisis situation:

    Green Oaks Hospital  7808 Clodus Fields Drive; Dallas, TX 75251 - (972)991-9504

    Harris Methodist Springwood  1608 Hospital Pkwy.; Bedford, TX 76022 - (817)355-7700

    Hickory Trail Hospital  2000 N. Old Hickory Trail; DeSoto, TX 75115 - (972) 298-7323

    Millwood Hospital  1011 N. Cooper Street; Arlington, TX 76011 - (817) 261-3121

    Timberlawn Mental Health System  4600 Samuell Blvd.; Dallas, TX 75228  - (214) 381-7181

    Adapt Mobile Crisis Van and Hotline - 1-866-260-8000 (Free in homeassessment for Suicidal / Homicidal Ideation)