•  Social Media - Friend or Foe?

    Access to social media has increased exponentially over the last decade.  With Ipods, Ipads, laptops, cell phones, and other electronic devices; students can literally be "connected" throughout the day.  This connection can be positive, but it can also be dangerous.  Social media has become a breeding ground for incidents of harrassment and bullying.  It is critical that you monitor your child's access to the internet as well as monitor his / her activity on social media sites. 

    As you try to monitor this very real danger, we hope you will find the attachment below helpful. It is a comprehensive list of social media sites and the dangers they pose.  You may also want to check outThe Innovation of Loneliness or Connected, but Alone?, videos on the impact of social media.  Be sure and read the article by Common Sense Media entitled TREND ALERT


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