Auto 1 and Adv Auto

  • Mission Statement


    The Automotive Maintenance and Light Vehicle Repair Program is designed to provide students with the necessary instruction and skills to prepare them for entry level positions in the automotive workforce and to become a service to the community.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students will have the skills to enter into an apprenticeship in the automotive service industry, enter post secondary training at a preferred college, or use the information to benefit friends and family.


    This Automotive Program also reflects the mission statement provided by Barbra Cardwell Career Preparatory Center's mission by making sure students receive focused, quality core instruction, and real world experiences to guide them in their career paths.



    General Program Information:


    Auto 1- Automotive One is a chance for students to be introduced to the automotive field and the different automotive systems in the vehicle. Students will be exposed to various automotive careers and pathways to enlighten students about the automotive field. Students will also learn professionalism and communication skills to help them survive in the Automotive Industry. Auto one also involves theory and operation of automotive systems and performing oil changes maintenance checkouts.


    Auto 2- Automotive two is an advanced class that allows the students to get a deeper look in to the automotive field. Students will be required to perform oil changes, maintenance checkouts, diagnose automotive operating systems, and perform an automotive vehicle repair. Auto two prepares students for industry work and a chance to have an internship in a dealership, independent shop, or a post- secondary school.


    Practicum- Here at the Ratteree we believe in training our students to be confidant and successful in the automotive workforce or post- secondary education. The practicum allows students to do more hand on work under instructor or industry instruction to help them to better understand automotive operation, repair, and the structure of the auto field.


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