Membership in one of the de Zavala Bands is an elective activity and is to be considered a privilege.  Students must be academically eligible (receive a grade of 70 or above in all classes) and exhibit good behavior in all classes to participate in any contests.  Students who repeatedly have discipline, attendance, or eligibility problems will not participate in band events, risk loss of chair, and demotion to another band.  Students that miss performances/contests for any reason will be required to complete an alternate assignment.  The highest grade possible will be a 70.



    This band is for students with little or no prior experience.  This group will be divided into instrument specific classes for more individualized instruction.  All Beginner Band members are required to participate in the Winter and Spring Concerts.  Those that are eligible according to the guidelines above can participate in the spring festival.  We strongly encourage students to participate in the IISD Solo and Ensemble Contests.  Each student will prepare a solo and an ensemble as part of the classroom grade.  The goal of this class is to receive all fundamentals needed to advance to one of the bands below.



    Membership is open to students based on ability, grades, scheduling, behavior and director approval.  Students who fail classes consistently or misbehave may be removed from this organization at any time at the discretion of the directors.  This ensemble will focus on improving fundamentals and adding the next level for their instrument.  Members will participate in the Winter and Spring Concerts, UIL Benchmark, UIL, and a festival in the spring. There will also be before and/or after school sectionals, rehearsals, and clinics.  In addition, each student will prepare a solo and an ensemble as part of the classroom grade.  Therefore, each student is required to participate in the IISD Ensemble Contest in February and the IISD Solo Contest in May.



    Students in this band will operate in the same way that Non-Varsity does and participate in the same events.  Other performances may come up throughout the year.  Ample notification will be given in these cases.  Members of this band must attend all band functions including ALL sectionals, rehearsals, and clinics to prepare for contests.  Members are required to participate at the IISD Solo and Ensemble contests, practice regularly, and take private lessons if possible.  This is a varsity group with a history of excellence, and it requires a commitment equal or above that of other varsity organizations at de Zavala MS.