Ms. Griffin-Johunkin - 2021 Teacher of the Winter Months

Ms. Griffin
  • *Mrs. Griffin is a wonderful role model who is willing to help anyone in need. Her Kindness, Generosity, and Sweetness puts a smile on your face!!! Thank you for all you do!

    *Mrs. Griffin puts awesome in everything she does.

    *Mrs. Griffin is always professional and friendly, always on time and is great with her students!

    *Mrs. Griffin, is a wonderful teacher who supports her students in every way possible. Whenever I need any assistance or want to partner with her to do lessons with her class, she is always willing and flexible. She has done a wonderful job as team lead before but has stepped in again as team lead in a teacher's absence and is ruling it.

Mr. Parish - 2021 Winter Support Staff (Campus Tech)

Mr. Parish - Winter Support Staff
  • If you need it done and done right, Mr. Parish is your man! He is sooooo patient. He has done an amazing job keeping up with tech support. Whenever there's a problem with the devices, he immediately seeks to fix the problem himself or find someone for you. When our problems become his problems, our problems are just as important to him to solve as they are to us. His response time is efficient. Larry is super nice and very talented. We all loved the 12 days of Christmas videos. We (students and I) looked forward to seeing them every day. I appreciate Larry's professionalism, commitment and brilliance. I have really enjoyed working with Mr. Parish.

Ms. Barton - October 2021 Teacher of the Month

Ms. Barton
  • Ms. Barton is an exceptional teacher, not only because she cares about her students, but also her teammates. She has taken the 2nd grade team under her wing while Mrs. López is out. She is a great professional, and it’s a blessing having her as a co-worker.


    Always Helpful

Ms. Rosalinda - October 2021 Support Staff of the Month

  • *For doing everything she's asked of with a smile, for helping with lunch duty even when that isn't what she is in the cafeteria for. She is always willing to help out no matter what.

    *Rosalinda is a superwoman! She is on top of the school making sure it is clean and safe for our students!

    *Ms. Rosalinda has been a trooper this year. She comes bright and early, and stays late on a daily basis. She's quick to respond to the needs of the students and staff; all with a smile on her face. We appreciate all that you do for everyone here at TJ Lee! ♥

    *She is always friendly and helpful. She runs around like a crazy lady and manages to take care of all of us!

Ms. Preston - Sept 2021 Teacher of the Month

Ms. Preston - September 2021 Teacher of the Month
  • "She has been a helpful mentor to me and a rock for me to rely on. We have had many difficult situations we have had to face with my class and she never complains about it. She's helpful, considerate, kind, and does a good job as team leader. She picks up my slack and we want to make sure she knows that we all notice it. We are not taking her for granted and want to make sure she is honored for it."

Ms. Caldera - Sept 2021 Paraprofessional of the Month

Ms. Caldera - September 2021 Paraprofessional of the Month
  • "Ms. Caldera is a great paraprofessional that is willing to provide support without hesitation wherever she is needed. She cares about our students and teachers."