• Dual Language Parent Meeting

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  • What is Dual Language?
    An additive bilingual education program.


    What is One Way Immersion?
    One Way Immersion is an enrichment program consisting of one group of language learners that are developing fluency in two different languages. Spanish dominant students in our Kindergarten through 4th grade Bilingual program receive instruction in Spanish and English through a 50/50 model.  The instruction is presented in Spanish 50% of the time and in English 50% of the time.  For example, a student might receive Spanish instruction in all subject areas on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then receive English instruction on the alternating days.  The following week that same student would receive only two days of Spanish instruction and three days of English instruction.


    What is the goal?
    To develop students into bilingual, biliterate and bicultural individuals who love learning and think critically in a global society.


    What are the benefits?
    Acquire high levels of proficiency in  two languages
    Improve communication skills with members of other cultural groups
    Accelerate academic success through higher order thinking skills
    Greater appreciation for diversity
    Increase in future career opportunities


    What is Two Way Immersion?
    An enrichment program where two groups of language learners are actively engaged in learning in the same classroom.  Two languages are acquired by all students by learning in and through the language of the day.Our Two Way Immersion program is a 50/50 model where instruction is presented in Spanish 50% of the time and in English the other 50%.  Native English speakers and native Spanish speakers are grouped together to provide peer language models from whom they can learn.  Each week students alternate attending English and Spanish class instructed by a Bilingual certified teacher and an ESL certified teacher.  For example, one week a student may spend three days in Spanish class and two days in English class.  The following week that same student would attend Spanish class two days and English class three days.  Students  learn to read and write in both languages simultaneously.  This program is currently offered in K-4th grades.


    Who can participate?
    Native English speakers, native Spanish speakers and speakers of other languages who commit to long term participation beginning in Kinder or 1st grade through 5th grade.


    What program does Farine have?
    In order to provide the highest level of academic instruction among multiple student populations we offer both a Two Way Immersion program and a One Way Immersion program.  Both programs are designed as 50/50 models in which students learn to read and write in both languages simultaneously.

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