Jumpstart Your Education

PreK at Early Childhood Schools

  • Irving ISD offers PreK at the three early childhood schools for the following programs: 3-year-old free PreK, tuition-based, 4-year-old Head Start PreK and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). 

    Watch a pre-recorded video to learn more about the schools. 


    Clifton Early Childhood                Kinkeade Early Childhood            Pierce Early Childhood

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    clifton           Kinkeade            Pierce ECS Preview Night Video      

PreK at the Elementary Schools

  • PreK locations for the free, full-day 4-year-old program include the district's 20 elementary schools.

    Watch pre-recorded videos below to learn more about each school. 


    Barton Elementary                 Brandenburg Elementary       Britain Elementary                 Brown Elementary

    Barton ES    Brandenburg ES    Britain    Brown ES


    Davis Elementary              Elliott Elementary            Farine Elementary            Gilbert Elementary                                           

    Davis ES    Elliott    Farine ES    Gilbert ES


    Good Elementary                       J. Haley Elementary              T. Haley Elementary            Hanes Elementary

    Good ES    J Haley     T Haley     Hanes


    Johnston Elementary           Keyes Elementary                     Lee Elementary               Lively Elementary

    Johnston ES    keyes    Lee    Lively ES


    Schulze Elementary            Stipes Elementary    Townley Elementary    Townsell Elementary                                                    

    Schulze ES    stipes     Townley ES   Townsell