Nimitz High School Incentives


    When students are showing growth in thier attendance percentages or who have attendance percentages over 95% have the ability to earn incentives.


    Nimitz is parting with Horace-Mann Insurance to assist with helping provide incentives for students. They are providing ten $25.00 restaurant gift cards to be given away via a drawing at the end of each 6 weeks. The big Fall incentive is Dallas Cowboys Party Passes for the Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on December 18, 2016.


     Fall Dallas Cowboys Flyer


    Spring FC Dallas Flyer


    FC Dallas      FC Dallas 1


    Restaurant Gift Card from Horace-Mann                    We are also giving away Nimitz Water Bottles

          (at the end of each 6 Weeks)                                         (at the end of each 6 Weeks)

                     Horace Mann Gift Card                                                                                       Nimitz Water Bottle



    We are working with the Nimitz HS P.B.I.S. team to help provide incentives to reward students that are working to improve their attendance or who have great attendance.



    We are working on securing additional attendance incentives for our students.

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