iPad Help

  • Please contact techsupport@irvingisd.net if your iPad has been damaged or will not turn on.  Please include your name, student ID number, and a description of the issue.  Screenshots help when possible.


    For iPad set up and troublshooting, please refer to the MHS iPad Guide*.


    *Contains information in both English and Spanish.

    Logging into ContentKeeper:

    Are your apps shutting down and crashing on you?  Check to be sure you are logged in to ContentKeeper!

    Sign in to ContentKeeper

    Logging into Classlink:



    Getting Google document from Canvas to Open:

    • Make Sure You Are Logged into Content Keeper (See Above)
    • Make Sure You Are Accessing Canvas Though Classlink (See Above)
    • Make Sure You Have Chomre Set As Your Default Browser and Cross-website Traffiking Turned on in Your Settings (See Below)
    • Ask Your Teacher If They Made Sure to Check the Box to Load the Assignment in a New Tab When They Created the Assignment (See Below
    • Make Sure to Reset Your Cookies Using the Video Below.

    Chrome settings in your ipadLoad Tool in new tab

    Student Settings                                                                           Teacher settings


    Setting Cookies on the iPad:



    Full access to Google Apps Using Chrome:


    • You do not have to delete the app from the iPad as seen in the video below.  You can still request desktop access in Chrome.
    • This video demonstrates using a Google Doc.  The same process works for slides and sheets.




    In-Class iPad Troubleshooting


    Click here for a Google Slide Deck with all of the above trouble shooting tips (and more)