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    Given that we will not have large Valentine's parties with parents or visitors invited to the school this year because of Covid, we still want to give you a chance to send your child or children something for the day.  Please see the attached announcement about our Valentine's Gram and its form.  Just fill out the form.  Then print it and send the money and form with your child.  For those without printers, we already sent the forms home with your children.  Check their backpacks if you haven't seen them.  

    Valentine's Gram Announcement 

    Valentine's Gram Form 

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  • Dismissal Reminder

    Dear Johnston Families, 

    The following is just a gentle reminder about dismissal procedures.  Remember, you only enter our driveway from the right lane on Rutgers.  If a staff member asks you to pull out of the right lane and enter lane 2 in the driveway, you may do so, but only when asked.  Otherwise, enter in the right lane from Rutgers and afterwards, if you need to go to lane 2, you may do so.  Do not for any means, stop, park and leave your car in the right lane on Rutgers.  This causes interruptions to the flow of the traffic.  If you are doing this because your child is in the walk-up area, then your child really is a car pick-up child and your child's designation will be changed as such so that he or she will be waiting for you in our driveway instead of in the walk-ups area.  Additionally, if you find yourself in the left lane, do not try to squeeze into the right lane when there is not really a space to do so.  This may cause a fender-bender to occur.  Plus, it is not safe as a child my jump in front of you even though we continue to insist that children use the crosswalks to cross the street.  You will have to go to Harvard, turn right, and continue to Rochelle to re-enter the lane on the right side.  Finally, parents who walk to pick up their children, may enter the far gate by the large playground to pick up their child.  I see many parents and guardians crowding together on the sidewalk.  This is not safe with all that traffic on Rutgers.  If you are one of these parents or guardians, enter through the gate to pick up your child.  Make sure the attending staff member knows that you are taking your child.  

    Attached to this message is the dismissal document that I had sent at the beginning of the year.  I am including it again. 

    Dismissal Procedures The document even includes videos.  

    Thank you, 

    Principal Pollard

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  • January Calendar


    Dear Johnston Families,

    Please find attached the January calendar.  It does look quite bare, but this is a result of the increase in the Covid - Omicron cases.  Since there are so many cases of of this variant now in Dallas County that the county is now in Code Red status, we have had to postpone some family activities that we had planned for January.  However, while no visitors or volunteers can enter the school temporarily, if you need to speak in person with your child's teacher you may, but we strongly suggest using a mask if you wish to do this.  Zoom is also available and preferable.  Contact the school and your child's teacher to set this up.  Thank you. 

    CORRECTED January Calendar (The 100th day of school falls in February.)

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

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